Updated: 4/27/15 - 5:36 AM

Woman Injured at Starved Rock
A suburban Chicago woman was injured at Starved Rock after she fell from a canyon wall. Conservation Police Sargent Hank Frazier says the 19-year old from Naperville was climbing the wall at Wildcat Canyon Sunday afternoon with two other people, when the woman fell about 20 feet. Frazier says the woman was transported by Utica to an area to be airlifted to Saint Anthony's in Rockford for treatment. Authorities say the 19-year old, along with two other climbers that were with her, will be ticketed for entering a restricted area.

Chicago Climber in Nepal
The Chicago mother of a mountain climber who survived a deadly earthquake in Nepal says she has lingering concerns about how her son will get off Mount Everest. Loretta Land says the quake has changed parts of the mountain's terrain and it could be difficult to get down. Andy Land was climbing with a team on Saturday when Nepal was hit by its worst quake in decades. More than 2,500 people died.

State Medicaid Cuts
Illinois nursing homes are at a loss for how they will deal with a roughly $65 million cut in state Medicaid funding made by Governor Bruce Rauner's office. The office said Thursday that it's cutting $106 million from the health care program for low-income and disabled people.

IDOT Meetings Tour
Illinois transportation officials have announced the first stops on a statewide tour to discuss priorities for road, transit and other public works projects. The meetings are designed to let residents, businesses and local leaders give their thoughts on needed infrastructure improvements and hear from state officials. Topics will include improvements to roads, bridges and transit systems as well as airports, schools and parks. Officials plan a stop in Ottawa on Wednesday.

Crib Bumper Pads
Illinois lawmakers are again considering a ban on crib bumper pads and a proposal to set state safety standards for the product. The bumpers are intended to keep infants' limbs from getting caught between crib bars and to protect them from bumping their heads against side rails. The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned that crib bumpers can cause infants to suffocate.

NFL Draft "Pushed" to Chicago
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says Mayor Rahm Emanuel was very committed in his push to bring the draft to Chicago. It's the first time in roughly five decades that the draft has been held outside New York City. Emanuel has been in touch with Goodell since 2012. That's when Emanuel proposed bringing the Super Bowl to Chicago.

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