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Wahl new Whiteside County HQ
 Wahl Clipper Corp. will use a state economic development incentive program to help build a new corporate headquarters in Sterling.   The company said Thursday that it would build an $8.5 million headquarters building on its campus in Sterling. Construction is to start this spring and finish before the end of the year.Wahl employs nearly 900 people in Sterling

Fatality I-39
I-39 was closed for several hours Friday night after a crash involving 3 tractor trailer trucks killed a 60 year old Texas man.  According to State Police, Ralph W. Maness, of Sanger, Texas, died after his semi rearended another semi, and burst into flames.  Another truck managed to avoid the accident by swerving into a ditch, but it too caught fire due to its proximity to the crash.  The accident happened shortly after 8 Friday night between Steward and Rochelle.

Dead People on Medicaid
Governor Quinn is promising tighter controls after a review found that the Illinois Medicaid program paid an estimated $12 million for medical services for people who were dead. Quinn told reporters yesterday he's not happy with the findings and the state is on track to recoup all of the money. The Associated Press learned of the mistakes from an internal state government memo it obtained Friday through the Freedom of Information Act.

Obama Library
Governor Pat Quinn is throwing his support behind a proposal to spend $100 million in state funds to sweeten Chicago's bid for the Obama presidential library and museum. The state is grappling with budget woes, but Quinn said Saturday the spending would be "an important investment."

Stroke Birth Control
 A jury has awarded $14 million to a suburban Chicago woman who sued her doctor over a debilitating stroke she suffered after taking the birth control drug Yasmin. Lawyers for Mariola Zapalski of Elmwood Park say the stroke occurred 13 days after she began taking the drug, paralyzing her left side and causing permanent brain injury. Friday's verdict came after a two-week trial in Cook County Circuit Court.

Online Dating Gone Wrong
A New Jersey woman has been reunited with her Yorkshire Terrier and flat-screen TV that were snatched during her first date with a man she met online. The woman called police to say her dog, Violet, had been tied by its leash to the TV and left in the front yard of her Dover home early Saturday. She says Violet appeared healthy. Authorities say the pair met on a dating site and went out Thursday night. When they returned to her home, the woman stepped into another room. When she re-emerged, the man, the dog and the TV were gone. The woman said she knew the man only as "Joel." Police said Saturday they know the man's identity and charges could be filed.

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