July 30  4:56 am

Starved Rock Trails
 Most of the trails at Starved Rock State Park have remained closed after a storm damaged countless trees four weeks ago.  The park is waiting for an emergency contract to be awarded for tree removal.  The park superintendent says hikers who ignore the closed trail signs are subject to fines of at least $120.
The damage includes limbs that hang dangerously over the trails.    A conservation police officer says as he was issuing a ticket Sunday, a big oak tree came crashing down.

Road Salt Streator
Despite higher demands for road salt this coming winter, Streator is all stocked up and ready to go. Public Works Superintendent David Fussel says despite reports of communities throughout Illinois struggling to get road salt, Streator ordered road salt several months ago. Streator is still in a contract with the state through Central Management Services and it has kept salt prices at the same prices over the past few years, around $100 a ton. Other communities throughout the state that are starting their orders now are reported to pay between $125 and $140 a ton.
Road Salt LaSalle County
Despite higher demands for road salt this coming winter, La Salle County officials say they are already prepared for this coming winter. County Highway Superintendent Larry Kinzer says the salt bins throughout the county are full and ready to go. Kinzer said the county stayed with their contract through Illinois Central Management Services and did not see salt prices go up through their contract. Kinzer said the county used between eight and nine tons of salt during this past winter season.
Woodland School
The Woodland School roof is closer to beginning its repair project. At a special meeting yesterday afternoon, board members voted to approve documents brought forward by Studio GC with plans to repair the roof above the cafeteria, library, kitchen and elementary school gym. Interim Superintendent Hank Boer said that once the projects begin, he wants to make sure it stays on a strict schedule. Students at the school will be moved to other vacant rooms in the building while the roof repair is on-going. Boer said they are looking for repairs to be around $200 to $220 thousand.
In other news, the board unanimously approved the contract of Jordan Sronkoski to be a special education teacher.
Spilled Drink Accident
A spilled drink reportedly helped cause an accident that injured two people yesterday evening.  Deputies say the 23 year old Earlville driver said he didn’t see the vehicle in front of him slow down on Route 34 because he was distracted by a spilled drink..   Police say the driver in the car that was struck from the rear, a 23 year woman, and a passenger, were taken to a Sandwich Hospital for treatment. 

Term Limits
 A group pushing for lawmaker term limits has filed a court appeal to get their question on November's ballot. The Committee for Legislative Reform and Term Limits filed a motion Tuesday asking an appeals court to reverse a Cook County Circuit Court ruling. The court said the measure didn't meet constitutional requirements and ruled it invalid
Man Made Island
 A man-made island in the Illinois River built to provide habitat for fish and a place for birds to call home will officially be complete this week.  Anthony Heddlesten is an environmental engineer with the Army Corps of Engineers. He says the 24-acre island is already thick with cottonwoods and willows. Ducks, geese and heron also are being seen.

NCAA Lawsuit
 A federal judge in Chicago says he needs more time to decide whether to grant preliminary approval for a settlement in a class-action concussions lawsuit against the NCAA. John Lee focused his questions on the lack of damages payments in the deal. He says he wants to learn more about why that's the case. The provisions include the creation of a $70 million fund to diagnose current and former college athletes to determine if they suffered brain trauma playing contact sports