Updated 4/19/14 5 pm

Medicaid Covers Dead People
An internal state government memo released Friday says auditors have found the Illinois Medicaid program has paid an estimated $12 million for medical services for people listed as deceased in other state records. The Associated Press obtained the memo through a Freedom of Information Act request. The memo states that more than $7 million has been recovered and the rest is expected to be recouped by year's end.

No Child Left Behind
Illinois has obtained a waiver from some parts of federal No Child Left Behind education law. The waiver will give the state more flexibility when it comes to setting standards for education. It also will let the state look at measures beyond test scores in determining whether schools are succeeding or failing. Illinois first applied for the waiver in 2012.

Quinn Grants Clemency to 43 people
Governor Pat Quinn has taken action on about 100 clemency petitions, granting 43 and denying 65. Quinn said in a Friday news release that the clemency petitions are part of dockets that date back to 2007. His office says those who were granted clemency have recently undergone criminal background checks.

Suburban 16 year old drowns
Suburban Chicago authorities say a teenager has died after he was pulled from a McHenry County pond. Fifteen-year-old Jose Esquivel was in the water for about 90 minutes Thursday night before rescuers were able to pull his body to the surface. He was found in about 8 feet of water around 10:30 p.m.

Medical Marijuana
People interested in getting into the medical marijuana business in Illinois say the proposed financial requirements are discouraging, if not prohibitive.  The state's new law allows only licensed cultivation centers to grow medical marijuana and patients wouldn't be allowed to grow their own.   Proposed rules require growers to pay $225,000 in first-year fees, have $500,000 on hand and obtain a $2 million escrow account or surety bond.

Wahl new Whiteside County HQ
 Wahl Clipper Corp. will use a state economic development incentive program to help build a new corporate headquarters in Sterling.   The company said Thursday that it would build an $8.5 million headquarters building on its campus in Sterling. Construction is to start this spring and finish before the end of the year.Wahl employs nearly 900 people in Sterling

Fatality I-39
I-39 was closed for several hours Friday night after a crash involving 3 tractor trailer trucks killed a 60 year old Texas man.  According to State Police, Ralph W. Maness, of Sanger, Texas, died after his semi rearended another semi, and burst into flames.  Another truck managed to avoid the accident by swerving into a ditch, but it too caught fire due to its proximity to the crash.  The accident happened shortly after 8 Friday night between Steward and Rochelle.


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