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©Arbitron market #241 consisting of LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam counties

12+ Metro Population 130,800.  Studstill Media Stations Weekly Reach 73,700 (56%)
Studstill Media consists of 6 FM’s and 1 AM located in the “LaSalle-Peru Market” #240 (LaSalle, Bureau, Putnam and Marshal Counties.)  Total Survey Area is 141,600.  The radio market is a great buy for advertisers since the top three stations are local, and of the top 11 stations, 9 are local.  This means advertisers can reach most listeners very affordably and without paying large city rates.

WALS 102.1 FM (Country) “WALLS 102” is the dominant Country station in the market, with 1 ½ times more listeners than the next Country station.  WALLS is locally programmed and staffed and features continuous contests and frequent on-location broadcasts.  
Streams at, I-Phone, and Android.  12+ Weekly listenership: 23,000 (#2).

WIVQ 103.3 FM/WSTQ 97.7 FM (Top 40) “Q” owns the age 44 and under demos, with 40% of that group listening each week. It also is #1 25-54, and has more listeners in every day-part than any other station.    Streams at, I-Phone, and Android.  12+ Weekly listenership: 33,000 (#1).

WYYS 106.1 FM (Classic Hits) “Classic Hits 106” plays a well researched blend of 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, with a high energy Top 40 approach by local personalities. It’s consistently one of the top rated stations. Streams at, I-Phone, and Android. 12+ Weekly listenership: 21,800 (#3).

WBZG 100.9 FM (Classic Rock) WBZG is the only Rock station in the market, and has one of the biggest spending audiences – nearly $16,000 per listener. 12+ weekly listenership:13,400 (#5).

WGLC 100.1 FM (Country) WGLC’s format is best described as Country lifestyle.  The area is home to some of the richest farm land in the world. WGLC features local news, agricultural, and events.
12+ weekly listenership: 10,300, but does not include the non-rated areas of DeKalb, and Lee Counties.

WSPL 1250 AM (News and Adult Standards) WSPL really is Where Streator People Listen. Over 30% of this town of 16,000 listen to WSPL weekly.  Local news and songs from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s keep it at the top of the of the area’s ratings. Streator area listenership: 4,900.

This report was created using the following information:TSA LASALLE-PERU, IL; FA12 / SP13; Custom Geo = 61364; MultipleDayparts Used; Copyright 2013 Arbitron Inc. All Rights Reserved. This report was created using the following information: LASALLE-PERU, IL; FA12 / SP13; Custom Geo = 61364; Multiple Dayparts Used; Multiple Demos Used; See your sales rep for more details.
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