Tom Fry

Midnight until 4 a.m.

Tom Fry has been acting since 1995, and has been in over 20 films and television shows. Fry got back into radio last year and is only too happy to share his starving L.A. stories with you. He is also a musician and songwriter and has released two albums. He loves to play his Martin D-28 acoustic guitar when he isn't watching his favorite teams on his flat panel house payment television. But maybe Fry's biggest passion lies in Classic Rock.

Robbie Knight

4 until 9 a.m.

Robbie Knight began her broadcasting career while in college in New Hampshire and Maine.  She scored monster ratings on Denver’s 103.5 The Fox for five straight years and tracked shows at Clear Channel stations from coast to coast.  Robbie hosted evenings on the national Rock Classics format in the mid 2000’s before joining Entercom’s classic rocker 99.5 The Mountain in Denver.  In her five years there, Robbie hosted evenings, middays and afternoons and helped The Mountain topple The Fox for the first time in key monthly daypart/demo breakouts.

Robbie Knight Fun Listener Bio: I'm a lifetime NRA member and I donate to Greenpeace.  The way I grew up, that's not contradictory.  Dad was a game warden.  I was an avid backpacker and mountain biker for years, but I'm a SPAZ and I've got lots of injuries so now I car camp.  I take care of myself and I enjoy Chinese exercises like Qigong (Taekwondo got me hurt, Ju Jitzu hurt even more).  I hate jam bands (except for the old school ones). Allman Brothers, “yes”, String Cheese, “no”.  My Mom raised me on classical music (mostly the Germans) and she knew everything about the great composers, so I got hooked on reading rock trivia.  Rock and roll saves teen lives, it sure did that for me.

McKenzie Rae

9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

During her career, McKenzie Rae has been a morning show host and production director, so if her voice sounds familiar, it should; you've probably heard her on dozens of radio and television commercials. Her favorite rocks bands include Scorpions, Foreigner, Eric Clapton, Rush, Tom Petty, AC/DC and Whitesnake. Her most memorable concert was Bon Jovi.She loves it when people call from prison.

Tony Scott

2 until 7 p.m.

Tony started his broadcasting career at Armed Forces Radio Taiwan while attending high school on the island. In 1986, while working in Denver, he auditioned for NBC when the network stopped in Colorado while on a nationwide hunt for new talent. The audition resulted in a role on the daytime drama, "Santa Barbara" and work on "Generations." He also has commerical and film credits and has been quite active in narration for TBS, Discovery, the History Channel, the Travel Channel and HGTV to name a few.

Lu Valentino

7 p.m. until midnight

Lu Valentino has been heard on some of America's great rock stations in Phoenix, Tampa, Orlando and Buffalo. Her Lu’s Locker Room sports feature was a Phoenix staple (Pat Tillman was a regular guest) and she was the voice of the Coyotes and Cardinals. While Lu knows Classic Rock well, she considers herself an entertainer with a passion for pop culture and events. Her Lu’s Gossip Laptop feature airs on stations nationwide and she has a substantial followings on Twitter and Facebook. Lu’s show features listener interaction, giveaways, artist drop ins and engaging benchmarks.